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Hiring an attorney is a important decision and can have life-long implications.  When making that decision, ask yourself if your attorney (i) has experience in the area of law, (ii) has unique knowledge and insight that can help you, (iii) has the ability to go all the way and litigate the case through trial and beyond, and (iv) if they are able, and looking, to aggressively pursue causes on your behalf discovered in litigation.  I have 10 years of experience dealing with real estate law, foreclosure, and the respective rights of debtors and creditors.  I am knowledgeable about the Florida and Federal laws that apply and how they may be able to be used.  I have handled extensive litigation and I believe it to be a necessary and useful tool to reach a resolution if one cannot be reached quickly by other means.  



I am well versed in creditor's and debtor's rights.With ever changing laws, you need someone on your side who has experience and knows this area of the law.


I can serve a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is valued greatly. Each engagement can only benefit from my past years of experience.